Selected Writing

Longform Features: 

“The Strange, Isolated Life of a Tuberculosis Patient in the 21st Century”BuzzFeedNews

“How the West Was Wrong: the Mystery of Sacagawea”BuzzFeedNews

“Why Has It Taken So Long for the Menstrual Cup to Go Mainstream?” : Pacific Standard

“How Medicare Was Won”: The Nation 

“How New York Beat its TB Epidemic”: The Daily Beast 

“Can Democrats Win the Former Conservative Bastion of Orange County?”: Splinter News 


Other Work: 

“The Revolution Will Be Cooked”: Splinter News

“The Politics of Going to the Bathroom”: The Nation

“Brett Kavanaugh Hates Women”: Jacobin Magazine

“Model Consumers”: Jacobin Magazine

“Of Course Undocumented Immigrants Should Have Guaranteed Healthcare. NYC Is Making it a Reality”: In These Times

“Down with the Copay”: Jacobin Magazine 

“The Feminist Case for Single Payer”: Jacobin Magazine

“Out-of-Network Medical Bills Are a Problem. Healthcare Networks Are a Bigger One.”: Pacific Standard

“Can a New Generation of Med Students Help Push Medicare for All?”: Pacific Standard

“The Real Lesson from the Downfall of Theranos”: In These Times 

“Medicare for All Would Be Difficult to Implement. It Would Also Be Difficult to Dismantle”: Pacific Standard 

“Uber Health: Not for Drivers”: Konkret 

“Why Young Sexual Assault Victims Tell Incoherent Stories”: The Atlantic 

“Why Single-Payer Could Work in California”: Pacific Standard

“Pink October’s Predecessor”: Slate 

“The Real Problem with Playing Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum”: Pacific Standard 

“Toward an Effective Tuberculosis Vaccine”: The Atlantic 

“Who Invented the ‘Bedsheet Ghost?'”: The Daily Beast 

“How South Africa Battles HIV Stigma”: Blouin News

“Fox Is Airing a New Stand-Up Series – But They’re Not Paying the Comics”: Slate

“So a Thief Walks Into a Bar: Trevor Noah, Louis C.K. and the War Over Plagiarized Punch-Lines”: Salon

“Donald Trump, This WWII Refugee Exhibition Has a Lot to Teach You”: The Daily Beast 

“What Are Gay Activists in Russia Fighting For? Looking Beyond the Anti-Propaganda Law”: Bustle 

“Parsing the Pro-Corporate Ethics of the Clinton Foundation”: Pacific Standard 

“Inside the Underground Bunker Condos Where 1 Percenters Plan to Ride Out the Apocalypse”: Alternet 

“How Leah Torres, OB-GYN, Battles Anti-Choice Misinformation on Twitter”: Bustle

“.1% of America Now Controls 22% of Wealth: the Gap Has Killed the Middle Class”: Alternet

“Discovering the Comedic Melting Pot in the Heart of Berlin”: Splitsider

“Australia’s ‘Tampon Tax’ and Evolving Period Politics”: Blouin News 

“Garbage Bins Take on Toronto’s Raccoons”: Blouin News 

“#RhodesMustFall Topples a Tyrant-Led Narrative”: Blouin News